Learn every step of knitting the Alanis top in this 6-week virtual KAL experience

Cast-on begins January 13, 2024!

This virtual workshop is both a knitalong (KAL) and an online course, all wrapped up in one. Each week you will be guided through the Alanis pattern through easy-to-follow video lessons organized in an online course format. It's especially perfect for knitters looking to make their first garment or learn a few of the interesting techniques used in Alanis. Enroll today and you'll immediately gain access to the first 3 learning modules about picking a size, picking a yarn and gauge swatching. Then we officially kick things off on January 13th and each week you'll unlock new lessons and tutorials! Enrollment ends January 12, 2024.

What can you expect?

Here is what's included when you enroll in the Alanis KAL Workshop

  • Each week you'll receive an email and access to in-depth video lessons on the learning platform, guiding you through each section of the pattern.

  • User-friendly, ad-free learning platform that keeps track of your progress and allows you to learn at your own pace (and revisit lessons whenever you like).

  • 3 live Zoom sessions along with access to an optional private Facebook group.

Course Curriculum

    1. Course introduction

    1. 1.1: What is Ease?

    2. 1.2: Measuring yourself & Figuring out your size option range

    3. 1.3: Making the final sizing decision

    1. 2.1: Yarn-weight information

    2. 2.2: Yarn option inspiration

    1. 3.1: What's gauge & gauge swatching?

    2. 3.2: Swatching for Alanis

    3. 3.3: Swatching in the round demo

    4. 3.4: Measuring pre-block swatch

    5. 3.5: How to block your swatch

    6. 3.6: Measuring post-block swatch

    7. 3.7: What if you don't get gauge?

    1. 4.1: Info & tips before we start...

    2. 4.2: Back hem long-tail cast-on

    3. 4.3: Working first 2 rows (icord edging)

    4. 4.4: Measuring back hem length

    5. 4.5: Working front hem

    6. 4.6: Joining hems together

    1. 5.1: Establishing front panels (set-up rnd 1)

    2. 5.2: Working front panels, rnds 1-2

    3. 5.3: Establishing outside of pocket (set-up rnd 2)

    4. 5.4: How to join a new ball of yarn

    5. 5.5: Rnds 1-2 after set-up rnd 2 (how to read your knitting)

About this course

  • $95.00
  • 89 lessons
  • 5.5 hours of video content

Benefits of this KAL Workshop

Here are some of the benefits you'll enjoy by enrolling in this KAL workshop:

  • In-depth video lessons

    In each of the 16 learning modules you'll find several informative video lessons & demos. Each lesson is presented in an efficient, bite-sized format (average lesson time is less than 4 minutes), so it makes learning and following along easy and compatible with anyone's schedule.

  • Self-paced learning

    Although each week you'll gain access to new modules and lessons, there is no pressure to keep up. You can still go at your own pace and even after the KAL is over you'll have access to the entire online course so you can finish or revisit topics whenever you like.

  • Connect online in real-time

    We'll have 3 live Zoom sessions scheduled during the KAL (recorded as well in case you can't attend the Zoom schedule) and you can also join the optional private Facebook group where you can meet other knitters, share in-progress photos and cheer each other on throughout the KAL.

Watch my Alanis KAL Workshop Intro Video

Learn more about this workshop and the enrollment process

Skills you will learn

These are just some of the topics & techniques you will learn throughout this course.

  • Tips on picking a size & understanding "ease"

  • icord/slip stitch edging

  • Gauge swatching

  • How to make adjustments when your gauge is off

  • Working split hem construction

  • Neck shaping using the sloped bind-off method

  • Working the contrasting color inset pocket

  • Wrap & turn short rows

  • Three needle bind-off to attach shoulders

  • Weaving in ends & wet blocking